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We do have other rabbits up for adoption other than the ones listed.  The others still need to be worked with, or are waiting to be fixed. Feel free to contact us if there is a personality type you are looking for. 


Left to Right
Nowan Vice President (Grandma) Teshia President (Mom)
Dale Treasure/Secretary (Grandpa)
    Precious Rabbits Rescue and Sanctuary Society became a dream about three years ago. We had just start to "collect" more bunnies and each one stole our hearts. One of bunnies we had received was an adorable white English Spot rabbit in which we named Precious only about eight months old we knew precious was different then the other bunnies. She was always very calm and hated being alone. Unfortunately ​​Precious quickly became very sick with suspected Gi Stasis and began to go down hill very fast. We feared the worst for our little girl and we did everything in our power to help her through it. Precious did improve but sadly one night she passed away and took a part of our hearts with her.
Our president (Teshia) who had been the closest to her was devastated.  Precious's short life with Teshia made the biggest impacted and changed Teshia's life.  At that point Teshia decided that she wanted to rescue bunnies and educate others about them. At first it was all just a dream, but with hard work, dedication and family she found away.  In the beginning 95% if the funding came from her, family and close friends.  With the help from those at Berkeley's Place the paper work was filed to become a registered rescue. We are now working on getting our Canada Revenue Agency registration.  Precious will always be remembered and her name will live on in the hearts of all.
Teshia (president) is currently a twenty year old bunny lover, and at 17 began the rescue funding most of it herself.  She has always had a love for animals and always wanted to become a vet or work with animals.  She has always had an interest for bunnies and when one of her friends gave her, her first bunny (Simi. RIP) she knew that she never wanted to live without a bunny again. Everything Teshia does is for her bunnies. She specifically bought her car thinking of them so then she could have plenty of room if she had to do emergency bunny runs.She adopted her two bunnies from Precious Rabbits Rescue and Sanctuary Society almost as soon as they came in. Rex is a six year old lion head rabbit with some health problems from dental issues. Little Bit was the second rabbit she adopted,  little bit was sadly released from her home and was found with her "sister" in Edmonton. 
Dale And Nowan (Grandma and Grandpa)
Nowan never had been around rabbits and always thought of them as "just a rabbit."  Dale grew up with rabbits and knew they were quite unique.  
Now Nowan is more educated about rabbits and knows that they are more than "just a rabbit."  In fact she has two of her own.  Pickles was the first rabbit surrendered the rescue received.  Nowan took one look and it was over she became a bunny slave.  Pink is Flemish Gaint that was surrendered with her parents and sibling.  The parents were purchased for the use of meat, but the people got to close to them.  
Nowan has been busy learning all kinds of care for sick and special needs bunnies.  The vets have made sure that she is ready to handle emergencies, and supportive care.  She is the one who gives 24 hour care to any of the buns who need it.
Even Dale wasn't safe.  His rabbits actually chose him.  Pepper is a 3 year old English Spot who is bonded to a Sanctuary rabbit.  Harley is a 6 year old dutch who decided he was to be her slave. All of the bunnies love Dale, he is calm and quiet.  It also helps that he lets them out to explore when nobody is around.