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We do have other rabbits up for adoption other than the ones listed.  The others still need to be worked with, or are waiting to be fixed. Feel free to contact us if there is a personality type you are looking for. 


Want to become a part of the Precious Rabbits family and help a bun out.
Foster a bunny is great for those who aren't sure what having a house bunny would be like or they just don't have a lot of financial resources but have lots of love to give.
As a foster parent you are responsible for giving love, attention, and greens to your foster bun.  We will supply the cage and run if you need one, food, hay and habitat items.  We also will pay for any medical costs the bunny may have.
We have a contract for fostering that will need to be filled out.  We liked to get to know you to have a good understanding of your lifestyle and household.  That way we can make sure you get the right bun for you.
Email or contact us through our facebook page if you are interested or just have questions.
Phone 780-674-6406
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