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We do have other rabbits up for adoption other than the ones listed.  The others still need to be worked with, or are waiting to be fixed. Feel free to contact us if there is a personality type you are looking for. 


Rabbit Facts

Rabbits can live from 8 years to 12 years old.

Rabbits do not teach children responsibility.  That is a parents job.

Rabbits live a healthier life if they are spayed/neutered.

Rabbits are very social.  If left in their cage, they can become aggressive, depressed, and/or ill.

Rabbits can be litter trained.

They also learn their names very quickly, and words like treat, no, come, dinnertime.

Rabbits are very loyal, to their humans and to their companions. They will often grieve the loss of their companions, they may stop eating, and become depressed and ill.  Often they refuse to leave the body of a dead companion.

Rabbits are extremely intelligent. They love being an active part of a human family.

Rabbits need an average of four hours out of enclosure exercise daily.

Rabbits hate being alone. If you will be away a lot during the day please consider 2 bunnies.

Rabbits do not need baths.  They keep themselves very tidy, with the exception of illness or if they are over weight.  Then they may need their bottoms sponge bathed.